Third generation – proprietary drug delivery technology

In 2000, the Amcis operations are divested and the focus of CIS Pharma shifts. Resources are allocated to develop proprietary technology. In 2003, Christoph Schäfer joins CIS Pharma after working in marketing and sales in the life science industry. In the same year, new facilities on the campus in Bubendorf are inaugurated, also serving as the home of Carbogen-Amcis. In 2005, CIS Pharma commences research on the next generation biomedical polymers, today called Cellophil Smart Polymers. In 2011, CIS Pharma is awarded the European Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for its unique Cellophil® Smart Polymer technology. In 2013, Christian Geraths is appointed as the new CSO and development is expanded into Oncology.