Shanghai, China, Friday, November 22, 2019 – CIS Pharma is attending the Asia-Pacific vitreo-retina society congress in Shanghai to meet potential partners for its technologies in eye care during the three-day conference in Shanghai China. The Congress is an established, first rate platform in the Asia-Pacific region for scientific exchange, research and discovery in the field of vitreo-retinal diseases and offers a great opportunity for networking with market players in that region. The major interest of CIS Pharma is in finding a partner for the distribution of CIS Pharma’s drug/device combination intracameral cefuroxime and application system.

About CIS Pharma’s cefuroxime application system

The cefuroxime application system is CIS Pharma’s patented drug/device combination for preparation and injection of cefuroxime intracameral antibiotic to prevent Endophthalmitis after cataract surgery. It meets the cataract surgeon’s need to dilute and inject 1mg cefuroxime in a safe, precise and standardized manner. Every year, 20 million cataract patients receive an intraocular lens. Endophthalmitis, also called intravitreal infection, is a rare but severe inflammatory condition of the eye, caused by microbial contamination during the surgical procedure. Cefuroxime intracameral prophylaxis was found to reduce the risk of Endophthalmitis by a factor 5, whereas topical antibiotics have no effect on the outcome.

About CIS Pharma AG

CIS Pharma AG is an innovator in the life science industry. The company was founded in 1952 and is family owned. In our laboratories, we synthesize novel molecules, develop new biomaterials and create cutting-edge medical devices. Our mission is to improve the risk-benefit profile of therapeutics that are the standard of care, thereby improving patient’s experience and treatment outcome. Medical need, patient centricity and digital technology are key to our research and development programs. CIS Pharma is located in the region of Basel, Switzerland, one of the most successful life sciences locations in the world. For more information about the company, visit our website