Bubendorf, Switzerland, Wednesday, January 27, 2021 – CIS Pharma has achieved feasibility for its connected eye-drop dispenser by successfully evaluating micro-dosing technology for controlled and precise dispensing of an ophthalmic formulation treating dry eye disease. Uniformity of dispensed drops was achieved at a standard deviation of 1.2% at drop sizes as small as 10ul.

CIS Pharma offers a platform of different eye drop dispenser technologies designed for preservative-free drug formulations delivered as eye-drops or as a stream. CIS Pharma’s multi-dosing delivery platform is offering precise dosing of drug formulations from low to high viscosities. The fill volume is variable. The micro-dosing technology evaluated allows for dispensing drugs ergonomically especially for elderly patients, not having to rely either on tactile skills or on bringing the head back.

About dispensing eye-drops

The eye-care industry has seen significant improvements both in formulations as well as in new dispenser technology for eye drops. The preservative most commonly used in eye drops is benzalkonium chloride, BAC, that was demonstrated to be harmful to corneal epithelial cells. Initially, unpreserved formulations were offered in mono-doses for single-use, today multi-dose preservative-free products have taken over significant market share. They offer more economical solutions and may be designed more ergonomically compared to single-unit doses.

With digitization the drug application as well as the remainder of the drug in the dispenser are monitored electronically, improving patient compliance.

About CIS Pharma AG

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