Bubendorf, Switzerland, Sunday, December 6, 2020 – CIS Pharma has successful up-scaled the production of its novel contact lens multipurpose and disinfection solution (MPDS) to an industrial setup. The contact lens care solution achieved excellent performance compared to products that are leading the markets. From an efficacy perspective, the antimicrobial performance against various bacteria & fungi was tested according to ISO 14729. The primary criteria were reached within 2-4 hours, indicating the complete killing of the challenged organism. These criteria were met much faster than the 8 hours requested by ISO. From a comfort perspective, the release of the comfort agent hyaluronic acid (HA) from contact lenses soaked in the CIS Pharma product showed a long-lasting effect with up to four times higher release values compared to market-leading products, even after 24 hours. The solution also demonstrated excellent performance in a XTT cytotoxicity test according to ISO 10993-5 as no toxic effects were seen on a mouse skin fibroblast cell line (L929) up to the highest tested concentration. In summary, these results confirm increased biocompatibility of the novel formulation while comprising an unsurpassed concentration of hyaluronic acid and a powerful synergistic disinfection complex.

About contact lens care

Contact lenses are medical devices and must be treated carefully. If lenses pick up dirt, they may transfer bacteria that can cause serious infections to the cornea. A multipurpose contact lens care solution effectively kills harmful bacteria and fungi while the lenses are stored. This is achieved by a mixture of powerful anti-infectives. In addition, multipurpose solutions remove various deposits such as lipid and protein aggregates from the lens surface. Other agents in multipurpose solutions are responsible for rewetting the lens to restore the wear comfort.

About CIS Pharma AG

CIS Pharma AG is an innovator in the life science industry. The company was founded in 1952 and is family owned. CIS Pharma is located in the life science cluster of Basel, Switzerland. In our laboratories, we synthesize novel molecules, develop new biomaterials and create cutting-edge medical devices. Our mission is to improve the risk-benefit profile of currently used medical treatments. For more information about the company, visit our website www.cis-pharma.com. — Discovery is our business, progress our passion.