CIS Pharma presenting ADC drug carrier technology at Swiss Biotech Day 2017

Basel, Switzerland, May 4th 2017 -- CIS Pharma presents its ADC drug carrier technology at Swiss Biotech Day 2017, scheduled for 14:10 during the Emerging Companies Streams. CIS Pharma ADC drug carriers are based on the proprietary Cellophil® Smart Polymer technology that allows the ADCs to be custom designed for delivery of a wide array of anti-tumor agents directly to [...]

CIS Pharma appoints Dr. Christophe Thommen as new head of research and laboratory operations

Bubendorf, Switzerland, December 2016 -- CIS Pharma welcomes Dr. Christophe Thommen, who will lead the research team as the new head of research and laboratory operations. Christophe is an expert in natural products chemistry and his expertise has already led to a number of innovative and efficient syntheses in the industry. With his focus on scalability and industrialization of synthesis [...]

CIS Pharma’s solubilization technology comprising cyclosporine A has entered proof of concept phase

Bubendorf, Switzerland October 2016 - CIS Pharma’s novel solubilization strategy for hydrophobic drugs has successfully reached the proof of concept phase. The Cellophil® Smart Polymer technology platform creates water-soluble formulations for a number of model drugs such as cyclosporine A. The technology can be applied to a large number of water-insoluble drugs, improving the bioavailability and tolerance for drugs used [...]

CIS Pharma has successfully concluded the development of novel contact lens coating technology

Bubendorf, Switzerland, September 2016 -- CIS Pharma has concluded the development of a novel contact lens coating technology based on the Cellophil® Smart Polymer platform. The technology has been shown to increase surface wettability and lubricity and is expected to increase the wear comfort of silicone hydrogel contact lenses. CIS Pharma has created novel bio-inspired polymer derivatives based on its [...]

CIS Pharma to launch new web presence

Bubendorf, Switzerland, August 2016 -- CIS Pharma’s new company website is online. The site was established in collaboration with SKYWEB, a fast-growing start-up incorporated in close proximity to CIS Pharma. The new web presence supports the mobile lifestyle of customers and offers an overview of our projects. For questions relating to our technology portfolio, please feel free to call us [...]

CIS Pharma has developed contact lens care products based on its new patented technology platform

Bubendorf, Switzerland, June 2016 -- CIS Pharma has developed a novel multipurpose solution for contact lenses. With over 25 years of experience and a track record of several lens care products licensed to and sold by partners globally, the team has developed the next generation contact lens care solution that increases contact lens wear comfort while keeping the efficacy of [...]