Plants cannot escape danger. They therefore create special mechanisms to withstand environmental stress: plants survive substantial damage by initiating continuous formation of new structures such as leaves and flowers. Stem cells of plants are characterized by the ability to create differentiated cell types and the ability to self-renew. They never undergo an aging process and continuously give rise to new specialized cells that have the potential to grow into any organ, tissue or cell in the plant’s body. Stem cells are therefore equipped with regenerative powers that facilitate cell proliferation throughout their lifetime.

At CIS Pharma, we have invested substantial time in developing plant stem cell technology based on Edelweiss. Edelweiss is an Alpine plant that grows at high altitude. To survive the harsh Alpine environment, the plant has developed high resilience against environmental stress. As a consequence, powerful cellular ingredients such as antioxidants, radical capturing agents and other valuable cell protective properties are found in Edelweiss stem cells. Based on these ingredients, CIS Pharma has developed a unique anti-aging skin care treatment, called PAR Skincare®.

The Edelweiss stem cell formula provides dual-action protection, shielding the skin from UV-light and free-radical-induced damage while activating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid with power peptides. Specially formulated for repair and revitalization, PAR Skincare fully triggers the skins own anti-aging mechanisms. PAR Skincare products are hypo-allergenic, clinically tested, paraben-free and are sold in an airless dispenser. Thanks to its protective, anti-ageing and regenerative abilities, PAR Skincare meets the skincare needs of outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor sportsmen and women. Having been named as the Official Skincare Supplier of the European Senior Tour in 2015, PAR Skincare has become the skincare of choice for golfers.