Polymer platform for biomedical applications


Werner Schäfer, the founder of CIS Pharma, envisioned the synthesis of a bio-inspired polymer for tissue regeneration and site-specific drug delivery. We have generated a platform of proprietary polymers together with a toolkit to create biomaterials specific to their application and site of use. We are continuously expanding the platform technology to create new applications in the field of nanotechnology, diagnostics and biomedicine. Current projects are

  • contact lens coating for increased wear comfort
  • membranes to be used as an implant at the interphase of soft &hard tissue
  • PEEK surface coating technologies enabling its use as dental implants
  • scaffolds to create extracellular matrices by 3D-printing and other formation technologies

Both the platform monomers as well as polymers show excellent biocompatibility, superior to most commonly used building blocks in the implant industry. The safety of our building blocks has been demonstrated: no cytotoxic, allergic or hemolytic potential was observed. We are also developing biomaterials for our partners in

  • tissue regeneration
  • cell culture industry
  • lab-on-chip-based assays
  • scaffolds releasing active agents

Furthermore, we have developed polymers that comprise structures offering contact points for conjugation and delivery of therapeutics. We tailor our polymer drug carriers to fit the chemical and physical properties of the therapeutics and the site of their delivery. Conjugated active compounds comprise small molecules as well as large protein-based drugs. Specific linker chemistry is applied to control the release kinetics of conjugated therapeutics. CIS Pharma has partnered with academic research institutes such as the University of Basel, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Nordwestschweiz and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute.

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