Bubendorf, Switzerland, Monday, January 12, 2015 – CIS Pharma has taken a strategic decision to extend its activity into the field of cancer treatments. The defined objective is to improve the potency of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Having established a number of lead materials, the research team is now developing drug carriers that offer higher drug load per antibody as compared to current ADC designs. In addition, specific linker chemistry is being developed for use with the carrier. The drug carriers are based on the proprietary Cellophil® Smart Polymer technology that allows the ADCs to be custom designed for delivery of a wide array of anti-tumor agents directly to the cancerous cells. For proof of concept studies, CIS Pharma is collaborating with NBE Therapeutics based in Basel, Switzerland.

About antibody-drug conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates, or ADCs, are a class of highly potent drugs for the treatment of cancer. ADCs are composed of an antibody that is linked to an anti-cancer payload. The conjugates target cancer cells. Due to the high affinity of the antibodies to tumor cells, the cytotoxic payload is delivered specifically to the cancer tissue, reducing harmful side effects associated with traditional chemotherapeutic agents.

About CIS Pharma AG

CIS Pharma AG is an innovator in the life science industry. The company was founded in 1952 and is family owned. CIS Pharma is located in the life science cluster of Basel, Switzerland. In our laboratories, we synthesize novel molecules, develop new biomaterials and create cutting-edge medical devices. Our mission is to improve the risk-benefit profile of currently used medical treatments. For more information about the company, visit our website www.cis-pharma.com. — Discovery is our business, progress our passion.